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Thread: 2012 Financial Goals

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    Question 2012 Financial Goals

    Did you meet the financial goals you set for 2012?

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    So far, yes.

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    Yes, yes and !
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    I'm not sure we had real "goals." This year was a CRAZY year with DH getting out of the Army, me graduating, the wedding, etc. And now we're in the process of buying a house, which wasn't on the plan. But, besides the house and my student loans, we ended up in the green. So I'll make it an other with a win the best we could.
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    We didn't really make goals but we did very well, IMO.
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    our goal was to have no debt other than a mortgage by the end of the year. We also really wanted at least 3 months of living expenses in the bank, honestly I didn't think we'd be able to reach those goals, the fact that we did feels really good .
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    yes, and we actually tripled what our goal was. we paid off both cars last year, this year I paid of 12,000 in CC debt, and we were able to save just about his annual base pay for a year.
    next year we are planning to save at least his annual base pay again.
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    I wanted to pay off my CC, pay for all of my BSN without loans this year, and have a small chunk of money in the bank with more plans for savings, and I got them all done.

    I have loftier goals for DH and I next year, but it will be a stretch.

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    Other. We started the year of 2012 in a very different situation from where we will end the year (Thanks Air Force! ) and adjusted our goals accordingly.

    However, we had a meeting with our accountant yesterday since he's (my husband) on leave and we're in town and everything is on track for this year so we're really happy with how things have gone financially this year. Becoming landlords for the first time and having our oldest start college at the same time seemed a bit overwhelming but so far, things are going well.
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    Surpassed them. We've got big goals for this coming year too.
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