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Thread: Enlistment Credit Check? On both if married?

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    Enlistment Credit Check? On both if married?

    My name is Stephany! I still have to introduce myself in the newbie section!

    I just had a quick question

    I was just wondering if the air force does a credit check on both of us if we are married? If my credit isn't the best will that affect the DF in enlisting?
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    They normally do yes, and they aren't looking for 'bad' credit necessarily they are looking for signs of risk, such as if you have super high debt and little to no income, they could perceive that as an issue, like the member could be easily 'bought' off (offered money for secrets). For something like that to happen it has to be real severe. Bad credit could affect a clearance, but not often does it affect a member going in, especially if its just the spouse.

    If you are not married, your credit has no bearing on him, unless you share accounts somewhere.

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    Yes they do them. It usually won't matter. The main worry would be if the income of a newly enlisted person is too little to cover their debts as mentioned. It could also play a roll in security clearances, but we know a few people who've declared bankruptcy and still have TS.

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