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Thread: What is your organizational system for bills?

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    What is your organizational system for bills?

    I change mine every couple months because I like to re-organize things, my most recent way is all in a binder separated by tabs with a spreadsheet on top

    DH thinks I have an OCD problem .

    How do you organize your bills? What's your system?
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  2. Mombie.
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    I don't have one...

    We get some in the mail..they go on the fridge. The rest chill in my email until I pay them.

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    "Hubby, pay this"

    Thats a system right?
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    none, I pay them as they come in.
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    I have a spreadsheet that has kind of proved useful recently but mostly it's oh look what came in the mail.
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    We have few bills. Everything is done electronically. I have it step up as a recurring statement.
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    I do everything online. I have a spreadsheet for each month on the computer that shows the bill, due date, amount, date I paid it, which account I paid it from and the date that it cleared. I do bills twice a month usually on payday or so.
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    We use Quicken... I have all of my bill reminders in there, I can download my bank statement to it, have all our loans, and our credit card in it. Its super easy. And it matches to a T.

    I just go in there whenever (usually 1-2 times a week) and see what's upcoming and balance out my statement. 99% of our bills are electronic, we have two I pay manually. It also 'predicts' if we will go negative in our account, etc.

    It also allows me to see how our spending habits are.. like if we spend a lot on going out to eat, or entertainment (like movies), etc. By this time next year I hope to be 100% electronic to where I won't even need to save any paper bills.. all will be scanned/emailed and saved on our server (or a hard drive)...

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    i dont have a system lol 90% of our bills are auto paid and i know when they will hit our account. the 3 that arent (car insurance, cell phone and Ashley Furniture) i pay on the payday before they are due.
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    They all get paid automatically online.
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