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Thread: What would you do....

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    What would you do....

    Here is the question.

    We are past the 1/2 point of our CC debt. We have knocked down over 1/2 of it in 2 years. Woot! If we continue the way it is, we will be debt free before we leave Europe.

    But........Here is my question.

    We haven't traveled much. We have seen lots; but, yet, not as much as we would like because $$ has been going towards this.

    Would you travel more or knock down debt? We never know if we will ever get back to Europe.

    Additional info:
    We accumulated about $900 this year; but, will be paid off with our income tax refund. We normally get a nice chunk back. We were thinking about paying off the $900 that we accumulated and paying off one more small one and traveling on the rest.
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    Congrats on paying off so much of your debt! That is a huge accomplishment these days. Unless you have a crazy interest rate, there's no reason you guys shouldn't travel, especially when you don't know if you'll ever get back to Europe. $900 in debt is really nothing in today's economy. You only live once. Good luck!
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    Pay off that debt first. Use the money you are investing wisely to travel back to Europe when you are financially stable and can feel great about it!
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    Personally I would rather save it ... do you guys budget? Maybe it's possible to keep on your debt schedule but also plan a few lower price outings so you can travel.

    Although since DH and I don't plan on having kids we look at travel opportunities a little differently ... for us international vacations aren't necessarily a once in a lifetime deal. That might make a difference to me if we were.
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    I'd travel. Pay the recent debt off and one small thing. Flying our family of 4 to Europe would cost $4000 (maybe more since airline prices seem to only go up). That's a huge budget eater. I would recommend budget vacations. We did lots of trips with the kids really cheaply by renting condos, eating cheaper (maybe 1 or 2 meals out, the rest sandwiches or crepes from sidewalk stands in France for example) and cheap airlines or driving. We easily could do a 4 days weeked for $700 for the 4 of us including lodging, getting there, entry to attractions and food.

    That's just us. We still have some debt (no credit cards, but our timeshare, student loans and 2 cars) but we would go insane if we never travelled. It's our thing and we try to do it affordably, but I can't give it up. I'd be miserable. We should be debt free when we leave Alaska while still traveling though.

    I will say, going back CONUS is a huge pay cut so if you will really be hurting when you move that's something to think of.
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    Travel. Like you said, you may not ever get to Europe again, and its cheaper to travel while living there than trying to go back from elsewhere.

    Maybe split what you are paying to CC in 1/2, put 1/2 that money to CC and the other 1/2 to travel. It may take you an extra year to pay off the CC but you will get to travel. It takes 'most' people nearly 10 years to pay off CC debt (of course that's doing mostly minimum pmts)....

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    Hard to say. I wanna advice you to pay off debt first.
    If it were me I would travel though. We are at the choice right now to save money and pay off the car quick or to take vacation. and I voted for vacation because traveling is just important to me. I need it.
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    I would absolutely pay off debt, no questions asked.

    Get rid of that debt, save up, and have a nice vacation later without having to worry about owing someone else money.
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    Pay off debt. You can always go to Europe later. You dont have to bring kids to Europe and you can always go when the kids are off to college. Pay off debts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roxieluvs View Post
    Pay off that debt first. Use the money you are investing wisely to travel back to Europe when you are financially stable and can feel great about it!
    This. I'd personally not sink myself further into debt unless I HAD too like an emergency happened. Traveling to me is one of those things that isn't the wisest choice to waste money on when you don't even have the money to be wasting to begin with. Now if you had the actual money in your account I'd say go for it, but putting it on a credit card when wanting to be debt free? Not such a smart move IMHO.

    Budget and save for a nice trip y'all can go on together where you an go and have fun. Without the burden of knowing the trip is sinking you further into the black hole of debt. Which is exactly what it'll be doing if you went on the trip and spent money that you don't have saved up to be spending. I think it'd be more enjoyable without it causing even more debt.
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