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Thread: Does anyone use YNAB?

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    Does anyone use YNAB?

    I switched to it recently, and feel like it's changed my life.
    It's totally changed the way I approach my money and I wish I could go back in time and give it to myself in my early 20s.
    I'd be freaking loaded by now!

    But I can to it late in the game, and am sadly in debt up to my ears courtesy of my ex husband.
    Still, I've made great strides since switching to YOU NEED A BUDGET.

    Personal Budget Software - Finance Software for Windows & Mac

    I finally *get* budgeting.

    Anyway, if other people are using it, I'd love some budget buddies.
    It's hard to stay on track sometimes, especially when you're living under austerity measures.
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    no, I have never heard of it, but I would not do anything that costs money to do.

    we have done well on our own,

    in the last 24 months we paid off 2 cars ( bought new in 08), paid off the harley, ( bought in '12), paid off all credit card debt, max our Roths and TSP, have 12 months of income in savings, have 3 months of income in a different savings, have 5,000 in our vacation fund ( which is 1/2 of what we need).
    and we have paid down 20,000 on our home------

    in the next 2 years we plan to pay down the home another 30, 35,thousand. the goal now is to pay off the house in 7 years..
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    You guys sound like you're awesome at budgeting and setting goals! I bet you'll pay it down in 5. I think I'll have most of my debt paid off in 4 years. I'm proud now that I have not increased my debt by 1 penny since I started this in April.

    YNAB is just personal finance software, like Quicken but better (imo) because it teaches you to budget, not just keep track of your spending.

    That said, everything you can do with YNAB, you can keep track of with an Excel Spreadsheet, if you have the patience to create it. I'm the first to admit that I'm not that patient.
    As a younger person I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of budgeting, because my income has never been steady, it fluctuates month to month.
    With YNAB, I'm slowly moving toward to goal of living on the money I made the previous month. Problem solved! You know what to budget, because the money is already in the bank!

    It will take awhile to build up a months worth of pad, but I'll get there.

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