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Thread: Kids 529 plan

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    Kids 529 plan

    Who do you have your 529 plans through? We would do prepaid but we aren't residents where we want to live and we're not 100% sure where we'll end up.

    I know USAA offers them. Both kids will have 1 year of the GI Bill but I'd really like to come up with the other 3 years too of room, board and tuition and fees.
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    The USAA College Saving Plan is a good one and I think on the whole 529 savings plans are a good way to save for college. A great resource to check out various plans can be found at The Internet Guide to Funding College and Section 529 College Savings Plans. If you pay state income taxes, some states offer a state income tax deduction for contributions to their plan--that can make a plan attractive. Otherwise, investment options and expenses are important. I the age-based plans that have an investment mix that automatically gets more conservative as your child gets older are worth taking a look at. Good luck!!
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