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Thread: How do you do your accounts?

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    How do you do your accounts?

    I think DH and I have a plan, but you never really know. How do you guys do your bank accounts?

    We aren't planning on closing any accounts right now, so we're thinking of having a "joint" that our rent and bills, groceries, and dinners together come out of. gas goes on our credit cards. Then we each have our own separate for lunches when we don't pack and clothes etc as our "allowance" I guess. He'll drop a pretty penny on fast food during lunches if he doesn't have a "limit" so that's part of the reason why I want to do separate accounts and I don't want him to feel like he needs to ask to buy something because he's got that account.

    What, in your experiences, works and doesn't?
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    We have a joint savings, a joint checking, then we each have our own checking accounts.

    Our pay is direct deposited into our personal accounts. Then we each put a certain $ amount into our joint for all joint bills- cable, electric, rent, insurance. We pay for our own gas and fun stuff out of our checking accounts, then we each put some into savings. For me it's a set amount each paycheck, but he just does a lump sum at the end of each month.

    We split grocery costs- we trade off who pays when we go, so one of us isn't footing the whole bill for food all the time.
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    I've got a checking and savings account and he's got a checking account that's linked to mine (so I can transfer money for bills each month) and a savings account that I can't/don't access.

    We each know how much we need to contribute to pay bills and we just go from there, if one person wants to go out they pay for the other

    It mostly likely won't change after we get married in Oct, we've been doing it this way for almost two years now so why change?

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    We just have joint. We just discuss finances openly, honestly and adhere to any compromises. Dh gets pissed if I say stuff like "well it's your money" (because he's always been the major breadwinner).
    We know what's frivolous, and where and when we can be.
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    we have a joint checking and savings. and i have a savings of my own with no checking that i put an inheritance in. and dh has two credit cards.

    thats it

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    We have separate accounts and a joint account. Right now I'm not working so we pay the bills out of my husband's account. Actually he has a cash builder credit card that we use for everything, then we just pay that off at the end of the month. When I have worked, I deposit my checks into my account and use it to pay bills, groceries, or whatever I want.
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    I've done it both ways and it worked fine for us ... I think as long as communication is open there are any number of systems that work.

    When we first got married I kept my Korean bank account and he kept his BoA account ... he paid rent, I paid everything else, we split groceries etc.

    Now that we are back in the states we have a joint account.

    I have no preference either way really. Just seemed less effort to do the joint account so that's what we did.
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    We have a joint checking and joint savings account. We both still have our old checking accounts but we never use them since all of our money goes into our joint account. We just haven't gotten around to closing out those accounts
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    We have joint checking and savings. DF and I sit down and pay the bills together.
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    We have joint savings and checking. I pay the bills every month and tell DH what we have and how we are doing. We also take out $50 cash a month as a allowance for each of us. For snacks or food or whatever. Big things we talk to each other about before we buy.

    DH admits that if I left finances up to him we would go broke He finds no value in money so he will tell me I can get whatever I want regardless of if we can actually afford it. OVer the last few years though he has gotten A TON better I will say that.

    Just takes a lot of communication.
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