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Thread: How much do you tip commissary baggers and a question.

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    How much do you tip commissary baggers and a question.

    DH and I just moved closer to the commissary so NOW its cost effective for us to shop there. Today I bought $130.00 in groceries. Not a whole lot but the help loading the car was much appreciated. My first question is how much should I be tipping them? As it is I am a heavy tipper. Knowing they work for tips only I consider the amount of people who DON'T tip them in what I am going to give them. Today as I was checking out TWO people bagged my groceries. I felt obligated to tip both of them but I didn't know if I should have split the tip between them or doubled the entire tip amount. Keep in mind only one person took them out to the car.

    IDK I tipped both of them $5 and I feel a little guilty about that because that is a lot of the savings I got from shopping there.

    How much would you have given and what would you have done with the second bagger?
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    We usually don't have more than one person bagging for us, and we take the cart to the car and unload it ourselves. So, we tip the bagger $2-$3 and more on holidays.

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    I normally only tip the bagger that takes stuff out to my car and I normally tip about $5.

    I make exceptions when I buy an unusually large amount of items and someone needs help for that reason and I'm a bit more generous in December around holiday time.
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    usually 2 or 2.50, if I have two baggers I split a $5 and give each half.
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    when I would go to the commissary I would tip $1-$2 at best.. I have never had 2 baggers, but if I did, I wouldn't double my tip amount. If they both went to the car, I'd give them each $1, if only one went to the car, i'd tip just the one that went to the car.

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    I usually give them a couple of dollars, but we rarely go through that line, we prefer the self-checkout just because most of the time the baggers (here) don't care about other's food. The last time our bread, hamburger buns, and eggs were smashed by a rack of ribs and some other meats. We were pissed.

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    I give the money to the person who puts the groceries in my car. I usually just do $3 and I spend $100-150 typically. I think $3 is pretty decent for less than 5 minutes. I understand others may not tip, but I really only feel responsible for what they're doing for me, not for others, ya know?
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    i do $2 for one bagger. i bring my own bags and carry everything to the car myself. i'm also spending less than $100 on groceries.
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    I normally do .25 a bag, unless they put minimal items per bag (trying to get larger tip). I guess we 12+ bags per trip, sometimes more... So $4 plus per trip.
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    No! Only tip the person that takes it out to the car.

    They all rotate and help each other. The guy that was helping bag yours
    is next in line to take a cart out.

    Does that make sense?

    Oh...and I always tip $5.00 as well...
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