Shutter Up

Before hurricane season begins June 1, consider installing window and door shutters for protection against flying debris and water.
  • If you already have shutters, use them.
  • If you plan to get professionally installed shutters that meet building code-approved standards, order them now because supplies dwindle if a hurricane heads your way.
  • If you plan to use plywood, prepare and label the panels ahead of time, and install permanent stainless steel anchors around the window.

Warning: Make sure plywood shutters are properly attached to your house. During high winds, plywood can rip off and become a flying object that can cause serious damage to your property - and anything nearby.

Is Your Foundation Protected?
  • Make sure your sprinklers are set correctly so that you are watering your lawn, not your foundation.
  • To avoid future cracks, do not plant trees within 12 feet of your foundation. Shrubs should be no closer than 4 feet. Consult your local garden center if you're unsure of the proper distance.
  • Since accumulated moisture can cause rotting, mulch should be no closer than 7 inches from the top of your foundation to protect your siding.

Monthly Reminder

To eliminate debris that could damage your home in severe weather, remove dead plants, shrubbery and limbs from around your house. Regular landscape maintenance can save you hours of yard work and thousands of dollars in repairs caused by fallen trees and branches.

* The above article is provided by USAA. They will send monthly guide to me to be posted here.