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Thread: 2010 April - How to Protect Your Home Guide

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    2010 April - How to Protect Your Home Guide

    Spring Showers Bring Flowers - and Flooding

    Find out how much flood coverage you need by typing in your street address, city, state and zip code at, which will reveal the risk of flooding in your area.

    Before Lightning Strikes

    Plug electronics and computers into power-surge protectors to prevent them from being destroyed by lightning.
    • Do: Turn off the strip when you're not using it so it doesn't draw excess energy and raise your electricity bill.
    • Don't: Plug one power-strip into another or you risk an overload that could start a fire.

    Returning Home After a Long Absence?

    If you're returning to an empty home after a lengthy trip or deployment, turn on the water valve and/or supply lines to each plumbing fixture and carefully check for leaks. Seals can dry out when they are without water for a period of time. To help you prepare your home before you leave for a lengthy trip or deployment, go to Is Your Home Alone? Keep It Safe When You're Not There, an online brochure produced by the Institute for Business & Home Safety.

    Monthly Reminder

    To save energy and improve efficiency, replace your air conditioning filters. Biannually have your heating and cooling system cleaned professionally. A seasonal checkup costs around $150 but can save $5,000 or more for a new system.

    * The above article is provided by USAA. They will send monthly guide to me to be posted here.
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