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Thread: Favorite tv shows

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    Favorite tv shows

    I'm looking for new shows to watch while DB goes on deployment to occupy myself at nights.

    Any faves? (new or old)

    Here are some of mine: Empire, Hannibal, Top Gear UK, Law and Order SVU, Last man on earth, Layover, Man vs food
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    I'm a Game of Thrones addict.
    I also really like the show Justified.
    (If you're using Netflix I don't think either of these are on there).
    I really like anything CSI or History related.
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    I watch a lot of TV but nothing you mentioned. Maybe I should try some of them. The Walking Dead is great if Zombies won't rattle you. Or if you want something light and fun maybe Hart of Dixie or Veronica Mars (both cancelled now but were feel-good shows.) I'm enjoying the Astronaut wives club a ton right now which has some history & some girl power. Suits is fun and fast paced. How to get away with murder has a great lead if you like crime/suspense. I know, I know....I'm all over the place in my interests.
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    Gilmore Girls
    How I met your mother
    Alaska State Troopers

    I just started The Whispers and it's awesome!
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    I'm probably the worst person to ask. I consider some of my favorite shows to be Friends, Seinfeld, King of Queens, Gilmore Girls and The Nanny. hahahah. I've gotten used to not being able to follow anything new due to living in a different country but the more up to date things we do watch are Ink Master, Bar Rescue....and I like Under the Dome and Orange is the New Black. I'm excited to see what all is on tv when we get back!! when prime time stuff airs at home it's like 3 in the morning here so we never even get to see what's on.
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    I tend to have Netflix going all day at work, so I'll just tell ya what I've watched. Arrow, saving grace, vampire diaries, the originals, doctor who, hell on wheels, longmier, leverage, lie to me, Orange is the new black, witches of east end, ascension, warehouse 13, the Tudors, firefly, Merlin, once upon a time. There are more, but that's all I have time to look up right now!
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    I know I'm late but I just started watching American Horror story and I'm really into it. I've watched Parks and Rec a million times, Mad Men was good, another vote for OITNB, Kimmy Schmidt, Arrested Development, 30 Rock.
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    Criminal Minds. I have seen every episode.. multiple times, and it never gets old. Love it.
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    DH and I are watching Empire right now! I'm surprised we like it so much because it really didn't seem like something we'd both like. Grey's Anatomy is a good one (hi I'm obsessed) and there's a billion episodes. Weeds, another Mad Men vote, South Park has a ton if you're into it.
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    I recently go in to White Collar. I hadn't watched when it was on TV but last year I watched Desperate Housewives on Netflix and was addicted haha My tv tastes are all over the place hah
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