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Thread: ArmyWives >.<

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    Love ArmyWives >.<

    soooo we all watch it. . .
    But which couple's your favorite?
    Which personality may remind you of yours and your SO. .

    I think Pamela is more of my personality,
    While Trevor is more of my DB's

    Your turn!
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    I love Roxy and Trevor but I took a quiz on the website that says I'm most like Claudia Joy.

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  3. i request the highest of fives!
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    i request the highest of fives!
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    i'm definitely pamela...
    DB is a mix of frank and chase when he's not being a turd (chase, not DB )
    but give it about five years and i'm pretty sure he will be exactly like frank!
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    I'm most like Roxy not sure who DH is like.

    I got Roxy on the quiz.
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    I love roxy. I'm watching it now actually
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    Me: Mississippi
    My favorite couple is Roxy and Trevor although Pamela and Chase are a close close second.

    My personality: Definitely Roxy
    His personality: More Frank
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    OMG! I started watching this show tonight, I have never seen it before. I've watched 4 episodes tonight, I can see what's gonna be in my Netflix for a while...

    I swore I wasn't gonna watch it, but you guys talk about it all the time... I decided WTH, I might as well.
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    I have not been able to get past the first season. I love Roxy though.
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    I got roxy on the quiz which is who i'd lean towards who I was like most... Even though I am probably a little bit of Pamela too!

    DH hmmm he'd be like Chase/Trevor... For sure!
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    I got Roxy on the quiz, too.

    DB:"I don't need a bunch of stuff to be happy, I just need you"
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