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Thread: Time Traveller's Wife

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    Time Traveller's Wife

    I just saw the movie: The Time Traveller's wife. It was so good but sad! Has anyone else seen it? I haven't read the book yet but I plan on it. For anyone whose read it, was it pretty similar?
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    I saw it with DH. I liked it but sad
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    I just saw it and wasn't a big fan. I loved the book so much and the movie just left out so much, story wise, but also it just wasn't as emotional to me as the book.

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    I saw it and bawled... didn't help that it was the last time I was seeing any of the people I went with (save my mom) for a while (I moved to Cali the day after... well started to move anyways).. haven't read the book, but one of the people I went with had and said it wasn't too bad in terms of adaptation. I want to read the book now SOOO bad.
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    i loved both! i think it was similar to the book

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