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Thread: The Wrestler

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    The Wrestler


    FABULOUS movie. Although Mickey Rourke doesn't have the look for me anymore and the hair drove me INSANE it was such a good movie, especially with the way they filmed it. I was in tears at the end of it.

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    I loved it! The ending was sad.

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    I really really want to see it.
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    I agree. It was a fantastic movie. It was showing downtown here for a while and a friend of mine asked me to go with her to see it. I adore Darren Aronofsky's other films, and this one did not disappoint.
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    Just watched it last night. AWESOME.

    My dad recommended it to me - he hates Mickey Rourke, but he still loved the movie. I just got around to watching it.

    As someone who used to watch a lot of WWF, etc, it was really an awesome movie.

    His hair was... interesting... I was torn about how I felt about it.
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    Saw it this weekend - it was good, but definitely left me a little depressed.
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    I was not as impressed with it. I thought it was okay, but was probably expecting too much given all the hype. Just okay for me.

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    Was not impressed

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