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Thread: Backdraft

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    I love this movie. I really do, but it makes me cry like a little baby. It makes me cry because it hits home. My father is a Chicago firefighter and has been for the past 30 years. In fact, the firetruck in that movie used to be my dad's old truck. Also, my dad's position is the one who holds the top of the hose and puts the fires out. Anyways, I always tell myself I can't watch the end of that movie and then I do and I cry, just like the 50 other times I have seen this movie....and I don't just tear, but I ball my eyes out. My dad wasn't home yesterday he's on a small fishing trip, but after I watch it I have to call my dad and make sure he is okay. I did this when I was away at school too. He laughs at me and says, "Why do you watch that movie? Everytime you do you get upset. I am fine and will be fine."----I know your fine dad, but it doesn't mean I can't get sad and call to make sure you are okay. I love my daddy and watching that movie just hurts... Needless to say, I was in a weird mood the rest of the night.

    What movie do you watch and cry everytime no matter how many times you have seen it?

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    growin up i never cried at this movie. but i will cry at when i watch it now. its like the movies when i watch that i was little that made everybody else cry, i will cry at now!
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    I cry everytime I see that movie. Ladder 49 is another great movie! I cried through out the whole movie
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    my son and i love this movie as well.
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    Pearl Harbor... I cry at the end of that every damn time

    Armageddon... same darn thing... when he's saying goodbye to his daughter

    Stupid movies

    looking at that I just realized both those movies have Ben Affleck

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