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Thread: Valkryie

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    Anyone see it?
    I just watched it and REALLY enjoyed it.
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    I saw it last night. I read stuff about the July 20th plan (aka Valkyrie) and it sounded really cool...I think I read about it on some History Channel thing...then they made a movie and the acting was HORRIBLE! Tom Cruise just ruins movies for me
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    the end almost made me cry even though everyone knows before hand all of their fate's! when the lt. steps in front of tom cruise's character i almost lost it... i'm a sucker for those theatrical moments in movies, though!
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    we watched it this week and i was iffy on it...i usually dont watch movies my dh picks out but it was really good and was into it the whole time. Great Movie!
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    I watched it with DB when it first came out. We agreed it's one of the few movies when Tom Cruise was actually good. I cried too cause I wanted it to have a happy ending.
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    DF and I saw it in theaters and LOVED it!
    I cried
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    I liked it. I love most all history flicks.

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    I watched the History Channel version...which included segmints of the earlier Valkryie..I really liked that show. It also showed scenes from the new Valkryie and how when they are killing those against Hitler in the end (forget what it was called or where sorry) and they took a moment of silence for the people killed there. It was really touching... I plan on watching the movie soon though.. I love history movies. But personally..I think someone else but Tom would have been a better leading actor..
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    Here is's review. It is hilarious and sums up what I thought about this movie:

    If you enjoyed this, check out their review of Terminator Salvation, also hilarious.

    Hope this gives you a smile today!!

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    Saw it in theaters and liked it a lot. Not a huge Tom Cruise fan but this was well done

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