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Thread: 8 Films to Die For!

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    8 Films to Die For!

    So I'm curious...Being the HUGE HUGE horror movie freak that I am...Is anyone else a fan of the 8 Films to Die For sets?

    I've got a few on DVD...There've been a couple that disappointed me in the sense that they were TOO cheesy and I couldn't make it past the first half hour or so. But some aren't too bad! And I'm really really picky with my horror movies. haha.

    So, we have anymore fans out there? Every time I mention the sets to people they seem to look at me like I just came from outer space or that I'm , so it makes me feel like not too many people have a clue what I'm talking about haha.

    R.I.P. Matthew Armijo and Cinder. Forever in our hearts.
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    I love them!!!!! Some are SO bad. But alot are really good!
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    Most of them were pretty good. You have to be willing to let e little cheese slide if you're going to watch horror, imo.

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