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Thread: One Tree Hill... I need help people!

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    One Tree Hill... I need help people!

    I AM ALERTING YOU NOW... because of what I am asking there could be possible spoilers!

    Anyways... I was like addicted to this show. And then life happened, and I got so far behind. I watched the show tonight, March 30th... and I need someone to catch me up to today. I think I watched maybe half of last season? I have no idea. Anyone feel like getting me up to speed?
    TTFN. Ta-ta for now MSOS.
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    Great show. So much has happen.

    Been to the studio, the sets are amazing! Wilmington is so much better than going to see sets in hollywood. They let you go on the sets!!

    Out in town you get to see on location shots.

    You from texas?
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    I haven't seen yesterday's episode.

    Dan needs a heart.
    Peyton and Lucas are engaged and pregnant but the doctor advised her to abort or she'd probably die. They've decided to keep the baby.
    Hailey is on suspension at work (teaching).
    Nathan is playing pro again, I think.
    Brooke is dating the guy producing Lucas's movie (base on his first book).
    Mouth was dating a girl but they're broken up as of recently.

    I think that's it.

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