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Thread: Locked Up Abroad

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    Locked Up Abroad

    Anyone else seen this on the National Geographic Channel? DH and I have recently gotten hooked on it, its pretty interesting. The new season starts Wed!
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    I have seen it. Some of those stories are pretty sad. Like the one where the girl got into some financial difficulties and ended up owing someone a lot of money so he offered her a way to pay it off by smuggling drugs out of Peru. But she brought along her friend who was totally innocent and unknowing of it and ended up in jail as well and was there for a year before the girl was able to give her written confession so he could be released but he's still not allowed to leave the country. Really sad.
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    I watch it. Some times I am thinking "Idiots, of course you are locked up. You committed a crime overseas".

    But then there are the ones like the couple that kidnapped and held hostage while on vacation along with many other couples. Some were held as long as 2 years.

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