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Thread: Dr. Phil 12/30

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    Dr. Phil 12/30

    I am so glad Dr. Phil told the father he is abusive. He thinks if he doesn't hit then he isn't abusing her.
    The mother's statement about how she has thought about leaving to protect her children but hasn't, bothered me. She has an obligation to save her children.
    Their daughter is showing clear signs of depression. She is being verbally abused and her lack of self esteem allowed her to keep that terrible secret. No child should ever be molested, what's worse is that she was afraid to tell her own parents. Not because of what her abuser said but because of the kind of person her father is. If the father wants love, affection, and respect he needs to learn to show it. We lead by example. I just hope that family and that girl expecially get the care needed because this girl strikes me as frighteningly close to suicide.
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    Ah man, I missed that episode!
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    I used to watch Dr Phil on AFN every morning. Now I don't anymore (too much to do back stateside )
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    I didn't watch it, but it sounds like he got it right. Emotional abuse sticks with the person throughout their whole life, just like the scars from physical abuse do. Shame on that mom for not removing her daughter from that situation.

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