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Thread: Momma's Boy

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    Momma's Boy


    Holy racist Momma, Batman!

    Did anyone else watch this tonight?! I just finished watching it and I am in shock.
  2. what is meant to be will always find it's way :)
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    what is meant to be will always find it's way :)
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    O..M...G!! I can't believe she said those things, like i would be SO embarassed if i were her or anyone in her family with her being that way on NATIONAL TV!! Side note though....a girl i graduated high school with is on there!! Misty ALi...from Youngstown, OH..haha yea i saw her and i was like holy crap i know her!!
  3. Living well is the best revenge <3
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    Living well is the best revenge <3
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    i know!!!!! i watched it last night and was blooowwwn away. i wonder if her son even knows she is acting like that. i got really mad. but im glad that one girl that was in the military stood up to her. i cant wait to see next weeks episode!! haha
    So happy to be back on Msos!!

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