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Thread: Loveline

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    Does anyone else listen to Loveline?

    Dh just set up my stereo from my mom's house and we listen to it at night, and Loveline came on last night. I was stoked, I love listening to the crazy people that call in. Not to mention, Dr. Drew is just hot.
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    Dr. Drew is my hero. Since we moved I never remember to turn a radio on when it's on at night. D= I miss it.

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    That brings back memories. We used to listen to loveline all the time when DH and I were teenagers. Back when Adam Corolla was on with Dr. Drew. We were still all obsessed when they came out with their tv show on MTV, I think it was. Then we got tired of it. hahaha But I still like Dr. Drew.
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    Dr. Drew is so freakin hot!! I watch the Celebrity Rehab just for him.

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