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Thread: Alton Brown

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    Alton Brown

    Has anyone else notice that Alton Brown from the food network looks sick? He has a commerical for grape juice I think and I think he looks terrible. I tried to find if anything is said on the internet but found nothing.
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    he has gained a ton of weight in the last couple years...but I really think that if he were really sick, it would have been in the news by now
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    I noticed that the other night. He just looks horrible! They have to put so much makeup on him for Iron Chef America. I don't know if he changed his diet or has been battling something.
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    I just thought it was his hair in the grape juice commercial that looked so different.

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    I think he is growing it out...and getting old...either way, The Wife bought me one of his knives (The Shun Alton Angle) for my Birthday!!!!
    Love that man!!!!
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    Man, I thought it was just his hair.

    I have a secret non-sexual crush on him. His food knowledge is amazing!

    Thanks to him, I had the turkey to talk about this year!
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    Honestly, I just think he is aging normally. I just looked at his B-day and he is 46. He is growing his hair out and his hair line is also receding.

    That is almost exactly how my step father looked.........young one year and seriously old the next
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    I was thinking it was his thinning long hair. Guys with thinning hair shouldn't grow it out.
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    I have always had the biggest crush on him I noticed that, too, though..his skin looks really...bad. Not old, just bad. I was wondering if he was ok but you know...not everyone advertises their illnesses, if he is sick he may just be trying ot keep it under wraps
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    i alton brown! i'm watching good eats right now! but i do agree... he looks "off" in some way. i thought might've been the new (and IMO horrible) haircut.

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