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Thread: Eureka

  1. alym
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    Thumbs Up Eureka

    if you liked the tv series of LOST & Invasion then you're gonna love
    Eureka.. it's on the sci-fi channel & it's about this town called eureka and the sci- fi stuff that happens there.. i watched the first episode and it was good!
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    I havent seen it yet but I've been wanting too. It does look good.
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    i haven't heard of it yet, but i absolutly loved lost. wasn't a huge fan or invasion though. which is it more like?

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  4. alym
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    it's a little bit of everything.. aliens, paranormal, relationships, drama, mystery, humor, science, inventions... alot of sci-fi stuff...
    it's a little bit of everything so i can't choose either one.

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