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Thread: I Loved Her First

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    I Loved Her First

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard this song? It is by Heartland. I have heard it twice now and each time it brings tears to my eyes. It is about a father and a daughter at the daughter's wedding. The father is saying how he always prayed for a guy like the one she is about to marry but it is still hard to give her away. He sings about stuff that happened while she was growing up. It is such a tear jerker.
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    Thanks for the warning...I'm such a sap, I'll be sure to steer clear of it
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    Yes!! The first time I heard it was about 2 weeks ago while I was driving... I had to pull over because I was BAWLING! I'm getting married next June, and I was always deadset on using "Butterfly Kisses" but that changed the instant I heard this song...

    I called my mom as soon as I pulled myself together to tell her I found a song for the father-daughter dance and all I said was "MOM! I found a new song for the..." And she chimes in "I LOVED HER FIRST?? BY HEARTLAND?? I'm crying right now!! I just heard it!!"

    Its a real tear jerker... maybe its just me since it came at such a perfect time... but I think in general.

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