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Thread: CSI miami: I can't watch

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    CSI miami: I can't watch

    What is happening right now on that show is my worst nightmare, and I am to afraid to keep watching. holy shit you never really get it until your mom do you? I am crying and angry and hormonal bleck!
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    I watched it. It is my very worst nightmare. However the way it works would NEVER happen to me for those reasons. So I guess that is the silver lining.
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    awww I am watching it too....yeah stuff like this makes me paranoid...since we've been in the states I have been eagle eyeing my son....
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    I saw the previews but couldn't watch it. Stuff like that didn't bother me as much to watch before I had kids, but now I just can't even look at it. My worst nightmare!
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    I missed it! What was it about? Now I am curious & have to find an episode online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debra View Post
    I missed it! What was it about? Now I am curious & have to find an episode online.
    Staged kidnapping and ransom. The kid wasn't the husband's; she was the neighbor's across the street. The neighbor paid a guy to get the baby for him, but the guy took the baby himself and was going to sell the kid to a South African couple who were looking at her (nothing on whether they were adopting her or baby market or what).

    See, i can watch stuff like that. I can watch SVU when they pull a baby out of a dumpster. A DEAD baby.

    But I can't watch the CSI Miami episode where the baby gets left in the car. I bawled. I couldn't do it.
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    i'm watching it on for the baby left in the car episode, i bawled during that one was just so sad and come to find out, the baby didn't even have the genetic disease the parents were worried about and thought they were saving the baby from. ugh.
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    that was a great show last night.. man but it was crazy..

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