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Thread: Damn You Extreme Makeover!!!!

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    Neutral Damn You Extreme Makeover!!!!

    I hardly ever watch this show...but for some reason I did tonight while I as doing some work. Now I am sitting here bawling uncontrollably on my couch.

    Tonight it is a couple who has 3 children under the age of 7 - two of which have severe disabilities. The mom is a pediatric oncology nurse and there is a huge slew of families that are helping because she helped through their children's cancer battles. Also both of the grandfather's are confined to wheelchairs and have never been able to visit their grandchildren at their house because they can't get in.

    A lot of the construction crew is disabled - including a coffee shop owner who has cerebral palsy who was born in Egypt 2 months premature and thrown in a trash can. Now he is married with children and has opened up a coffee shop where he only employs disabled people so that these people can have some sense of hope and so that the world can see that people with disabilities "are not monsters".

    I can't stop crying!!!! Is anyone else watching this????
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    I can't watch that show anymore. DH told me that if I watched it again he was cutting off the satellite. I always bawl like a baby for an hour after it's over. He can't handle the girl emotions.
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    I missed it, but I am crying just reading your post!
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    ooh! i was just watching that one too!

    i love that they fixed the coffee shop too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Whitla View Post
    this could get ugly...

    as long as you promise to shave your pits are wear deodorant though, i'm down like panties on prom night.
    I swear I am going to lose it! If any one sees headlines that say: College student slaughters 2 people over shower schedule. That would be me!
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    I watch it almost every week and always end up crying. Some weeks touch me more than others though. DB thinks I'm crazy for watching.
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    In one of our first phone convos, DB admitted that he loved that showed and cried everytime...

    That sounds like one of the saddest episodes EVER.
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    everytime i watch it i cry.. almost the whole episode..
    derek thinks that is cute that i am so sensitive.. hahahaha

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