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Thread: The DaVinci Code

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    The DaVinci Code

    Hubby and I went to see it last night, theatre was PACKED!!! I really liked it!!! I'm sure it won't win an Oscar but it is very interesting, lots of mistery and action. I'd give it two thumbs up!!!
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    I went and saw it last night too!!! In my opinion it was awesome!!! DH hasn't even readthe book and he loved it!!!
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    I saw it last night too...I really liked it!
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    I'm luke warm on it, I read the book and was dissapointed that they left certain things out and how they changed certain details. I guess it can't be exactly like the book cuz it would be a 10 hour movie, but I guess since I read the book I just felt the movie was so rushed and left out some important details.
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    I saw it yesterday, and even though I didn't want to see it at first, I'm glad I did, it was a great movie.
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    I saw it on Sat night... I thought it was OK, but it lacked suspense and they tried to jam way too much information into it. It was very "talky" and didn't do justice to the book.

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