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Thread: Real World Key West

  1. Kym
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    Real World Key West

    Am I the only one that is getting tired of the whininess from Paula? Ok, so she got beat up by her boyfriend and she was in the hospital from it but come on already. Stop using that as an excuse for everything and learn from it, move on, and make yourself happy.
    If I hear her upset, hyperventilating ass one more time I am reaching through the tv and choking her myself
  2. christymichelle
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    I Thought The Same Thing Last Night When I Watched It Also.
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    oh man you crack me up! I agree though!
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    I do love the show but yes-Enough already Paula!
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    Yeah she makes me feel sane. Everyone has shitty things happen in their life, but the people that learn from it and move on are the ones who have all the things that she wants!

    At least that took some of the weight off that 18 year old girl... can't think of her name.. she drives me nuts! She is spoiled rotten and so naive it makes me crazy!
  6. allypowell
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    i think i was thinking the same thing OH MY GOSH!!!! and she totally blew off that hot guy to talk to her ex! LAMO!!!!!!
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    she makes me too!
  8. *PlayDohEater*
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    haha I am so addicted to that show... but yeah why didtch the hot guy for the one that beat you up... come on, lets use some common sense!!! there is no better way to get over an ex then to find a new guy!
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    I think I am more sympathetic for her since I have an eating disorder (anorexia..but its been under control for 17 years) The only thing that really baffles me is she can ADMIT she has an eating disorder and not do anything. Normally you are in denail even tho you are doing that. She has alot of problems and her eating disorder stems from that.

    However, you are right. she REALIZES what the problem is..She needs to start DOING something to rectify it then
  10. Banned
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    Ok I missed last night, what happend? Paula drives me nutts to but so does the gay guy and is bitchy side kick. I'm having a brain fart on their names. I like Svitzlana even though she is spoiled that's all she knows she just needs to be tought that in the real world(lol) you can't act like that and have to work for things.
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