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Thread: Gerard Butler

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    Cloud 9 Gerard Butler

    If you don't know who he is... look him up!

    He was the lead Male role in PS: I Love you, 300, Phantom of the Opera (Screen) -was the Phantom-, Atillia, Dear Frankie and many others.

    The past 2 days I have spent at the hospital so what did I do??? I spent hours looking up cute actors... bad I know but eh had nothing better to do! Gerry was the hottest! ^.^

    (Wow I really can't spell tonight)

    I woke up and fell into this dream
    Happily ever after just took time
    Once upon this broken heart of mine

    this is the way a fairytale feels
    This is the way I know it's real
    'Cause this is the way a broken heart heals
    ,(`), ,
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    You can't have him, he's mine!

    He's always looking straight at me in all of his movies.... He wants me bad
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    Can I have sloppy seconds...or thirds?! I love me some Gerard Butler.
    Wifey to nstarsweetie and missmaaaine, pog to miraluu, and TayreehBaykur is my Mistress! Mrow! !

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