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Thread: Zoey 101

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    Roll Eyes Zoey 101

    January 04, 2008 12:00am

    BRITNEY Spears' pregnant sister Jamie Lynn has been hit by news that her TV show has been cancelled, due to network bosses' concerns that airing it could "send out the wrong message".
    The 16-year-old star has already filmed the fourth and final season of kids' show Zoey 101 but now Jamie has announced she is pregnant TV bosses are concerned they will send out the wrong message to the young audience if the series is aired.

    A show source said: "Nickelodeon bosses are still undecided whether to air season four or not. For now, it looks like it has been canned."

    Jamie - who revealed she is expecting her first child with long-term boyfriend Casey Aldridge last month - initially received the full support of the network.

    A spokesman said at the time: "We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's wellbeing."

    Nickelodeon also announced they were considering a Zoey 101 TV special about sex and love.
    Meanwhile, it has been reported Jamie's former brother-in-law Kevin Federline - who is currently embroiled in a custody battle with Jamie's sister Britney Spears - has been offering his support to the teenager in her time of need.

    A source said: "Kevin has long thought of Jamie Lynn as a little sister.

    "He was heartbroken because he was concerned about what it would mean for Jamie Lynn's future. He just wants to be part of the support system."
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    Maybe they should show something about sex at that age. Face it, this is a sex nation. Kids are having kids earlier and earlier and people are ok with it. Most kids are watching it on prime time anways.

    I don't watch it and I wouldn't let my children watch it anways. Whatever I guess.
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    personally,i think that's a little ridiculous.i've seen the show and i don't think a child is going to take a bad message from could even open up dialogue between parents and kids on a subject that needs to be discussed.but that's just my opinion
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    I've never watched that show but if she is playing a kid and then she slowly starts showing she is pregnant more and more as a kid I agree with taking away the show. That's just my opinion though.
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    i personally agree with their decision. that's all i'm saying about it--face it kids look up to celebrities
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    My six year old daughter saw Jamie Lynn's picture on tv and remarked that she "wasn't Zoey, she was Jamie Lynn and she was pregnant." I felt weird hearing her say it that way.

    When I was six years old myself, I doubt I knew what pregnancy was and I doubt also that I separated the character from the actor. While I feel that the facts of life do need to be addressed honestly by parents. I somehow feel the kids today simply are growing up too quickly. My daughter, whether I want her to or not, is exposed to mature concepts at an early age.

    Childhood is a brief period in one's life. Nowadays, it's even a shorter period of time than ever before. And try as I may to extend that time in her life, I feel reality tv and all the media news stories on the nitty gritty of celebrity lives only serves to cut abbreviate the innocence of childhood.
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    There is actually already some initial talk going on with someone to produce a special regarding the issues surrounding teen sex, pregnancy, etc. I forget who it is they are working with but the person has done specials for the network before on special issues as they come up. It won't be focusin on Jamie Lynn but rather the issue as a whole.
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    Sadia told me shes not going to watch it anymore because shes pregnant. I was surprised even my 6 year old had heard about it! She told me she's too young to have a baby and she wont watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain. View Post
    Sadia told me shes not going to watch it anymore because shes pregnant. I was surprised even my 6 year old had heard about it! She told me she's too young to have a baby and she wont watch.
    My 7 yr old son likes the show and Ive thought it was cute but its funny in fact tonight their show is about her leaving I also did tell the boys the truth that she was pregos and that she was too young.
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    Can they get sued for cancelling the show/basically firing her for being pregnant? Isn't that considered discrimination?
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