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Thread: Phantom of the opera

  1. ericalynn2007
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    Phantom of the opera

    I went to see with DB today. It was awesome and good to finally be able to do something with him but he has to go back to AIT at the end of the week :[ I am sooo sad about it. I am worried every day about deployment and something happening to him. But I encourage people to go see it if they get a chane
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    i've seen it twice in san fran. absolutely amazing. i LOVE it and i hope i get the opportunity to see it again sometime. i loved the movie too.
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    I hope you enjoyed the Phantom and had time with the db. Try to be strong one moment at a time and not worry about what the future will bring. I know it's hard...we all struggle with it, but you'll be okay and so will he.
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    My oldest daughter and I will be seeing it in March. It will be here in San Antonio for almost a month. I can't wait.

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