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Thread: Kite Runner

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    Kite Runner

    I was curious to know if anyone has gone to see this movie. Both my mom and I have read the book and LOVE it. The movie is only in select theatres and unfortunatly one of those is not near us. Likes Dislikes?
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    It's not playing here either. I sent Justin the book in his Christmas care package and he said he loves it. I hope the movie starts playing everywhere soon!

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    I had to read the book this semester for my diversity class. It was actually pretty good, sad though. I heard the movie is supposed to come out soon, i havent seen any previews or ads for it anywhere yet though But i bet it will be good
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    the book is fantastic. I didn't even know they made a movie for it until I saw a poster ad at the theater.....
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    I started to read the book, but it was so disturbing. I just didn't get around to finishing it. I haven't heard anything about the movie, though.
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    Did nobody see this?
    We just got it over here, finally, and we really loved it. it's a very touching story. We both teared up. I'm sure it's out of theaters there, but everyone should def rent it when it's out!

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    I did not like the book at all it was too sad and disturbing for me. The movie is playing here but I don't want to see it. It will be on DVD March 25th for those that wanted to see it.

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