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Thread: Not impressed!

  1. I am a proud chihuahua momma!
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    I am a proud chihuahua momma!
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    Not impressed!


    Here is Britney Spear's new video. What happened to the old days when she actually could dance??
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    How many of these "im a celebrity ... worship me" songs are we gonna get? I mean serisously... We need some good music already
  3. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
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    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
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    what happened to the days where she sang? muttering in a "come hither" voice to a beat is not singing.

    she also just seems very uncomfortable in front of the camera now days. not that i blame her. if i had people bitching about my every move i'd be weary too. but then again, maybe i'd try a little harder.....

    poor girl.

  4. Miranda
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    Did you see the video that the sleazy editing guy put out?? In this version (the released one) Britney had her body digitally slilmmed down. The guy who did the editing released the original to the public (he was under contract not to). It has already been pulled...but even in the before video, she looked great. Its sad she looked at herself and felt the need to shave down her hips here and there
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    i wish that girl would get her act together and bring us the old Britney back.what a waste of talent.
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    i think she actually had a body double for this video.Thats what was reported. I think the reason there wasnt much dancin is cause shes too strung out to move these days. no wonder she didnt show up on time for the video.. she didnt have to do much.

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