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Thread: How long have you gone?

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    The "If I can't have fun, then you can't have fun" is bullshit.

    life's a party, rock your body
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayfinkle View Post
    The "If I can't have fun, then you can't have fun" is bullshit.
    YES. DB went on an awesome trip for 2 weeks back in September. It would never in a million years dawn on me that he or I couldn't do something fun because the other person couldn't.

    ANYWAYS, original OP, with my ex it was 4 months or so. I didn't really like him so it worked out well
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    He’s gone to Hawaii & Florida for the Navy (just 2 weeks) and was fine when he was working but hated being in the hotel alone and having to hang out alone or explore alone - he honestly spent most of his free time on FaceTime with me. So I legit think he wouldn’t go without me and it’s weird for him to think I’d want to go without him. We talked again & there’s other options so the trip isn’t off yet but if he can’t go he’s ok with me going he just thought I was joking about wanting to go without him.

    I don’t like change and haven’t since I was little - I remember crying and not coming in the house because my mom cut her hair while I was at school. I typically overreact when things change and it takes me a couple days to chill and accept the new reality, if we go 14 months without seeing each other well make it work. We’re lucky we get to Skype a lot!
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    At our longest we went about 20 months without seeing each other, he was stationed in Japan and getting any leave approved would have been difficult. For years our normal was seeing each other for one weekend every month of so. How did we handle it? Honestly, not gracefully. We fought more often than we should have and at times weren't very nice to one another. We were both busy and had our own things going on, which was nice but I also felt like it created some distance between us. I often felt like we were just getting by and passing time. We used to Skype every day and that helped, we would also talk about things we wanted to do and our plans. I hope it works out for you.
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    8.5 months if you don't count video chatting a handful of times. DH is navy and never did get R&R on either of his deployments.
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    Dh and I spent 7 months apart without seeing each other.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    DH and I are an uncommon military couple who haven’t been through a deployment together. The longest we’ve spent apart is about 50 days [<2 months]. I found it very difficult because I’m so used to sharing things that happen to me throughout the day and him responding frequently throughout the day or having conversations a couple times a week. When he was gone most recently, he had really bad cell service and only texted at the end of the night and only called once a week or every other week. His cell reception was so unreliable that I didn’t bother to call him or FaceTime. I can usually gauge whether I can call him by how often and how quickly he texts me back. Additionally, we’ve spent four years total where we only saw each other on weekends.

    When he is away, I do home improvement projects around the house. We remodeled our master bath while he was in training. I chose the tile and plumbing fixtures and managed the contractor and sub-contractors and sent DH updates. The next time he is gone for a decent amount of time, I plan to build a closet organizer in our master closet. I’ve also organized our hall closet and am still in the process of re-finishing an antique rocking chair. I also watched a lot of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies since DH normally wouldn’t watch those movies with me.
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    6 months maybe? He's deployed like every other month and I try to squeeze in a trip to see him when he's on the home front. Probably doesn't help that we're long distance too...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medic2Doula View Post
    Just over two years. We did two stints of two years, we only got "regular" visits once he was doing his last year and was stationed in San Diego.

    It was hard, for the first two years apart I drank a lot, I would not suggest it. I drank and went to school.
    For the second two years I was sober (starting very shortly after our visit, but unrelated) and worked out a lot. I also had fire school on top of college classes and filled my time with twice a full time student's credit hours. Also, not something that I would suggest, as you have no time to do anything BUT school and it burns you out.
    I also took up shooting, it was something I could go out and have fun doing even though I was alone.
    I also spent a lot of time taking my dog to the dog park, it was relaxing for me. Also something I could go out and do and be social even though I was alone.

    It was very hard. I can't say I would have changed a thing though, because we both got our turns to be young and dumb (I tried surfing down a flight of stairs in a laundry basket, he ran a lot.... and fell face first into shrubbery).
    OMG!!!! That's such a long time! But as you mentioned, at least you were both able to learn and grow from the experience. OP it was 7 months for me, just stayed busy.
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