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Thread: First Deployment and Terrified

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    First Deployment and Terrified

    Hi everyone. My boyfriend is going off on his first deployment, and I'm visiting my parents so I can't even say goodbye.
    This is ALL I've been able to think about. We don't even know where he's going yet or for how long. If anyone would like to be penpals or share how
    they got through their first deployment I would so appreciate it, because I feel like all I've done is cry and I'm losing my mind
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    Let yourself be upset, let yourself cry, but then shrug it off and find something to do to occupy your mind. Do you have any hobbies? Find something to do. Write letters, take time for yourself, take care of yourself. You've got this

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    There needs to be a blowing rainbows, sunshine, butterflies, and happiness up an asshole smiley.
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    Hey patrick3!

    My boyfriend is currently deployed as well, so I completely understand! It is definitely rough but you can do it. Feel free to message or email me anytime, I'd love to chat!

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