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Thread: Im New! Please help!

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    Bang Head Im New! Please help!

    I have been seeing my boyfriend for about a month. He is overseas. We do not have the option to skype or call right now. We can only text via KIK right now. There are days when i hear from him alot and days when I don't hear from him at all. This is the first military relationship. Any guidence?
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    I would be careful that you aren't encountering a catfish :/ A really popular scam is for people to claim that they're US Military members currently deployed... If he can Kik, he can probably call or FaceTime at some point.
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    I assume you've never met in person? If he has internet to use kik he can download an app to voice call or video chat. I would be VERY careful if someone told me they can't voice chat.
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    I can think of no reason he could use KiK but not be able to use other methods of communications. Unfortunately, this sounds like it could very well be a scam or a catfisher. Proceed with caution.
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