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Thread: SO feeling distant?

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    SO feeling distant?

    I don't know about y'all but since my DW has been on deployment, I've been sleeping more lightly and I got an email/Facebook message from her early this morning. She confessed that's she's been feeling very distant with me and just wants to come home to be with me. I've been noticing a little distance here and there in her emails/messages. But she didn't want to worry me and of course, now I'm worried lol. I hate that she is feeling distant with me and I feel helpless. I gave her a lot of encouragement and some advice on how to get a different mindset. I really hope and pray that this distance that she feels will fade. I'm sure this is normal for being on deployment for 4 months and being over half way done now. But has anyone else experienced with this with their SO? And if so, how did you help?
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    I'm not sure I have necessarily felt distant but every deployment for me and DH has moved through cycles of emotional change. For me, predeployment, the period right about half way and post deployment are frankly the toughest periods. For us when we get to the halfway point there is the emotional charge that we are half way and then a real valley that gosh we got that period of time yet to go.

    Tell them you love them, you miss them and can't wait to see them. Remember this is temporary. You will get through this!
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    Toward the end of MF deployment I thought the distance was detrimental. Toward the end I got antsy and it seemed we had every conversation multiple times. We were still sweet to one another but I did get more annoyed and I think it is because his home time was so soon and 7 months is a long time! Actively try to be sweet, maybe change up the way you have conversations. I started sending more pictures and videos.

    You two can do this!

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