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Thread: 1st Deployment

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    Smile 1st Deployment

    Hello Ladies !

    I am new to Military SOS & I am still trying to familiarize myself with how to post & chat with others here. So far it seems Forums are all i can post. But any who my boyfriend is deployed from 7 months & we already have 2 months down and 5 more to go. I have done a long distance relationship before ( not with someone in the military) and it was many years ago so I thought I would be able to handle the distance. To my surprise it is a totally different experience. Lets start out with the fact that my boyfriend is the most amazing man I've ever met and personally I have not felt this way about anyone, and two we have only been together a couple months not including the months we dated. Right of the bat when we started dating he told me he would be deployed in a couple months...but as the months went by I fell head over heels for him & we became inseparable (in a good way lol). He loves what he does & is very good at it. I am always proud of everything he does & accomplishes. Like I said before I thought I would be ready for the distance and I was wrong but I am trying to learn from this experience because I already know he will be gone again in 2017 & I plan to stick it through and be by his side as long as he wants me too. I've never been a quitter when things get tough I just learn to adapt and this is what I am trying to do. This is why I looked for resources such a Military SOS. So far what has been troubling me most with him being so far away is that he was my rock & happy person. I know being depend on another person in anyway is not good because they can leave at any moment so I am working on that being my own rock as well as his more than anything (not that he needs it but he needs a good laugh here & there). I guess the biggest issue I am facing is feeling loved from a far. I know his days are busy and He does text me here and there and even when he was here he always made sure I was okay. I guess not having that makes me feel a little sad. It is too soon in our relationship to say "i love you" but i know I do or else I wouldn't be waiting for him these 7 months. But you know how the mind is sometimes doubt creeps in & I just don't want to end up hurt or waiting for nothing. We did talk about this before & he reassured me that if he made me his girlfriend its because he wants something in the long run. Over all ladies what do you do when doubt creeps in & if any of you ladies have advice for a newbie marine girlfriend. Also does anyone know how to do a blog post? As you can see I enjoy writing. Thanks
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    Welcome to the group!

    I have to giggle a little, because I sat here reading your post wondering when did I write this LOL I tend to like to write too. As one newbie Navy girlfriend to a newbie Marine girlfriend, you seem to be well on the right track and you will get the hang of it. If you love him in your heart and your head, tell him. Life is too short to hold back. If he said you were his girlfriend then don't feed the doubt. Be strong in who you are, and in how you feel for each other.
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    I read this and was in tears. He hasn't left yet but does shortly. We are each other's best friend and I feel like this fog is taking over. We are never apart. Except lately when he is in the field for 10/12 days. He calls or texts when he has service and I have adjusted to that because he's coming home after a week plus. I can stay busy for a week plus but 6-7 months is making me a depressed mess and suddenly I feel clingy and like I need more of his attention and I don't know how to chill out. I was never the needy type. Now I catch myself obsessing over everything, chasing him out the door for one more kiss goodbye in the morning or to stay in bed just a minute more. His head is all over the place and I try not to bog him down but o can't sleep, I feel sick all the time, then I can't do anything during the day.
    I have got to change my mindset.
    I started working on my masters and picking up extra shifts at work to stay busy.

    I just don't know how to manage the "impending doom" feelings without it causing stress on him.
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