Hi all! I'm Pearl and I'm new to this deployment thing.

BTW, I'm an Asian that lives in Asia --- totally totally new to US military life.

I met my fiancé through a common friend, and ever since we became a couple it was just a given that we were going to get hitched. We are doing long-distance --- he is stationed in Japan and I'm working in Singapore.

Everytime we plan on seeing each other something military-related happens and it's quite frustrating Just when we were making plans for him to go visit me here, he suddenly got deployed to Europe. We expected it to end in April or May, so I told my boss I'm quitting my job so I can move to Japan once he gets back, and get married there. A few hours after I told my boss my plans, he told me he got extended until August.

This deployment is seriously making me crazy --- he rarely gets good internet connection, and sometimes he can be online but he won't even open my messages. I'm lucky to get a message in a day, luckier if we have a chat conversation. I know he's busy but, you know, hormones and paranoia kick in and I'm just one big mess. (Of course, I try not to sound so weak and clingy when we talk)

I tried talking to my friends, including the one who introduced us, but she hasn't gone through a deployment yet and all she says are depressing stuff.. I hate to sound so weak, but I'm looking for similar people who can empathize to what I'm going through.. Our situations may not be always the same but I hope some of you can relate to what I've said.

Let's help each other stay strong!