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I am also a Marine girlfriend who's going through our first deployment. It's been okay for the most part but I'm finding it extremely hard to feel connected with him right now. Normally we bounce back after little arguments but lately it's just been really difficult to get back to that. I don't know anyone in the same situation as me and it's so hard to talk to people about what I'm going through. Any advice or relatable stories would be great right now.
While my husband was deployed he was trying to apply for a school. Oh the emails back and forth one evening i look back now and just laugh. Both of us were irritated with each other cause he was gone and trying to get me to do these things he needed done which was fine but I was sitting back at home going through the millions of files we had trying to find exactly what he needed.

You are both under a great deal of stress and different kids and its hard to understand what kind since yours is different from theirs. And it makes it harder if communication is slow or down. You do your best at apologizing and just waiting to hear back from them. Don't get discouraged it happens to many of us.