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Thread: Army Girlfriend's Frist Deployment-Colorado

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    Quote Originally Posted by JewelH1210 View Post
    Hi. I'm Jewel. My boyfriend is currently deployed to XXXXX. He left at the end of March and won't be coming home until sometime in December. I've only been in Colorado for about a year. I do have friends here, but I don't feel they relate to how I'm currently feeling about this entire situation. I do have friends that are in military relationships, but they live in other states, are married, or have kids. Getting time to talk with them can be extremely difficult.

    My guy is based out of Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. Once he gets back, the plan is for me to move down there (I currently live in Greeley, CO). I'd love to start making friends down there, particularly with other military SOs that have been through a deployment (or deployments) before, or are going through their first one now. I just feel lost sometimes. I know I'm not the only one feeling this way, but sometimes I feel alone since there's no one to vent to or turn to for advice or encouragement. I'm confident I'll make it through this deployment, but I'd love to be able to sit down with someone over coffee or a good meal and KNOW I'm not alone.
    Please follow OPSEC and edit your post to take out the location your SO is deployed to.

    I'm not sure how many people on the board are in CO, but you will surely be able to connect here with many other ladies with deployed SOs. Take a moment to look around the forums. You will find a lot of advice and support here

    Ooops ... I'm not sure if that goes against OPSEC! Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

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