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Thread: husband deployed need a military friend

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    I'm in Portland, OR. Hubbys in Kosovo

    husband deployed need a military friend

    My husband deployed about 5 months ago and I'm not on (or new) a base and am really lacking any kind of wife/spouse anything sort of support. For the most part I'm doing okay, adjusting, but I could really use someone to talk to sometimes and be there for someone else. Basically I'm looking for a pen pal.

    Message me if interested. My husband and I got married right before he deployed and we've been together a little over a year. Thanks!
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    Hi! You won't be able to message yet because of your post count, but you are more than welcome to interact with everybody on the board through threads

    Deployments can be rough, so many members (including myself) totally relate. Do you work or go to school or have any hobbies you love?

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    It could be worse.
    Welcome to MSOS!

    When you get a chance, head over to the Newbies forum here: Newbies and introduce yourself!

    Sorry you're dealing with deployment - it sucks!
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    Hi there, my husband just deployed, and like you, I just have no one around really for the support. If you need to chat, I'm around
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    Hi! We have bi-weekly check in threads going in the During Deployment section of the forum, a new one will be up tomorrow morning, hope to see you there!
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    Hi. For PERSEC reasons, it is really not smart for people to give out contact info to someone they know nothing about. And you don't have the ability to PM. The great thing is that one of the main purposes of this board is to find and give just the kind of support you are looking for, via posting instead of messaging. So settle in, read some posts, and start posting and getting to know people.
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