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Thread: Super Emotional

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    Super Emotional

    My DB has been in Afghanistan for a week, and I haven't heard from him until this morning.
    I got a call and we were able to talk for a little bit and made my day, and I was super happy.
    I had a class today and then after class I was just super emotional.
    I went and had lunch at the restaurant we had our first date at and I just felt like crying, and if a song came on that reminded me of him I'd feel like crying.
    I figured every now and then I would get emotional but didn't think it would be after I heard from him.

    Has anybody else had this experience?
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    Oh gosh, more than I can count. At the beginning of deployment I was pretending to be all peachy and happy every time DB called to make it easier for him, but really just hearing his voice was breaking my heart and I broke down crying right after hanging up. That continued for a few weeks I believe, before I started to adjust to things being the way they were and him being gone. Now he's been gone for over 6 months, but last weekend I heard a live musician play the last song we danced to before he deployed. Yeah, that had me bawling too..

    But it happens ya know. You just can't let it consume you. You can have your bad days and that's important too. Just don't forget to brush yourself off and keep trying.

    My PM box is open if you need someone to talk to!
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    I can definitely relate to that feeling! Before my DB deployed, I was away in another country. I didn't get to see him off and felt *so* guilty that he was alone on Christmas, then deployed alone, and was alone until he finally got in touch with me that he was there - and I was flying back to the US and didn't respond until hours later! The first few weeks were really tough for me. Even though we were really lucky and could communicate daily via Facebook and WhatsApp, I just got more and more upset with how much longer the deployment was going to be!

    But something just clicked for me one day. I started to look at the deployment one day at a time instead of 7,6,5 more months. I used a big red marker and put a fat X on the days that were done, first thing when I woke up. I started a new job and started to train for another marathon. I hung out with friends. I found ways to keep busy, and time started to go by faster. I eventually just got used to the new normal, of DB being 6+ hours ahead of me and our communication being different than before.

    I promise it gets easier with time, and he's missing you just as much as you're missing him. Feel free to message me if you ever need!
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    I think the worst part is the beginning. Once you fall into a routine, things do get a little easier. You'll still have moments/days that are a lot harder than others... but for the most part you adjust. DH is almost three months in to his current deployment. Another four months to go. If you need anyone to talk to, feel free to PM me. The other two ladies that posted are awesome ladies to talk to as well. <3

    <3 Anthiea <3 KittenMittens <3
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    I think the first few weeks are almost always the worst. After a few weeks talking with my husband stopped being a reminder of the fact that he wasn't home. What you're experiencing sounds very normal. I hope it gets better for you soon.
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    You definitely can't let it consume you, even though sometimes it feels like it is... I always tell myself that this is temporary, he will be home again. But sometimes you just have your days. You have to break down and cry, just let it out. It's a normal part of this. Try to stay busy, maybe take up a new hobby. I found that if I'm not active then my mind starts to drift and I get sad. Find something that lets you take out that negative energy and makes you feel better after!
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    I have the same problem and feel the exact same way. My SO has been deployed since February and wont be home until the end of November and this whole time it has been so hard. I have been so emotional the whole time. But I have the same problem that when I do talk to him even if it is only for a brief moment that I am a complete wreck for the rest of the day. I will be super happy in the moment but after the moment I am crying and emotional.
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    I think this is totally normal. When DH was deployed there were random times I would feel overcome with emotion, even after we'd talked. One time I was grocery shopping and it hit me so hard I just had to sit down and breathe for a bit. It can definitely be a roller coaster.
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    the first few weeks were definitely the hardest for me so far. but i still cry my friggin eyes out when i need to. like tonight. today was bullpoop. and i cried bcuz i didnt have his loving arms to come home to. some days just really frickin suck. sometimes i dnt even have a specific trigger for my crying episode. i just feel like crying. i think its just all the sadness i suppress in order to function. totally okay! hang in there hun and knw we are all with you!
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    This is my first deployment waiting for my DB to come back to me... but he is so completely worth every moment. I am completely in love with this man and I cried for the first couple of days when he left. The first couple of times he called me, I would cry unintentionally. I wanted to try to make him feel better but I would just break down into tears unwillingly. He was so apologetic and sweet about it too. Then for a couple of days I was in a fog, just kinda going through the motions... work, derby, gym, clean house.. blah, blah. Then I got mad about him leaving.. which I shared with him. And now... weeks later I am starting to level out and accept that "it is what it is" and that he will come home to me as soon as he can. But he is off doing important stuff and things and I am proud of him for that... So I try to focus on that. But when I still have those moments where I cry when I hear a song that we danced to. The worst part is at night and he isn't holding me to help me fall asleep.
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