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Thread: No response from DF :(

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    Exclamation No response from DF :(

    Hi everyone! Would be nice to hear/read about your experience! So here is my Problem, my DF is deployed (Iraq) we communicated as often as we could. The longest pause we had was a few days. Now this time its been over 2 weeks I am very confused and very worried. Do you think this is normal and I should just chill and keep waiting?! Please HELP!!!
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    I would tell you no news is good news. He's probably busy or moving around Iraq and doesn't have a reliable connection in order to call you. DB is deployed and we've gone up to 6 weeks without communication. They also get frustrated by this but they can't change it either. Try not to focus on how long is been and know he'll call when he can.
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    I know it's hard but no news is good news! Sometimes communications go down for no reason, or because an issue happened in a different area, or pretty much any reason at all ... it is normal in the sense that it is not uncommon for communications to be spotty/unreliable during deployments.

    I hope you hear from him soon.

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