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Thread: Mid-point Deployment Blues...

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    Whatever Mid-point Deployment Blues...

    My fiance and I just hit the official half way point of this deployment, I have been waiting for this day so I could finally say we are halfway done and I thought it would be an amazing feeling. But thats totally not what Im feeling since then I have felt so down, depressed, and hopeless I feel the time that has already past felt so long and to think I have that much left to go through again really sucks!! I just wish I could be happy about it, before yeah I had my moments but nothing like this the past few days have been so depressing.. and to think I still have another half to get through is really killing my mood.. Has anyone else experienced this down in the dumps feeling?
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    I experienced the exact same thing when DH deployed. I had SO looked forward to the half way point, and when we got to it I felt so let down and overwhelmed by the idea that we had the same amount of time to go.

    It will get better, just hang in there. You got this
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    Hugs and hang in there. DB has just a few months left and he's been gone since October. While the half waybpoibt didn't bug me so much, the end had me down even though I should be excited it's so close. I am finally realizing what some peope mean when they say the end is hard. I think it just hits people at different times. With that said, I also know this feeling will pass. I planned a girls weekend to occupy my mind. Maybe you can do something special to help get you past this.
    "Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace." Tom Ziglar.
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    I struggle with my DF's deployment, and then him coming back and still being overseas, and he will continue to be for a while longer. I just take it day by day and make myself get up and do what I need everyday. I fill my life with things I enjoy, such as comedies, reading books, spending time with family. I make sure I stay super busy too
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    Lordy yes. In my past few deployments the middle of the time was the hardest. This is when I usually get a new goal before they come home. My is always a weight loss goal or fitness goal, ill join a group and then focus on it!! Usually helps getting me out of the blues

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