I've been dating this Man for going on 7 months now, and known him for 7 years. He is in the US Army, and recently got deployed to XXX overseas about 10 days ago. I been lucky to have communication with him now, considering where he is stationed they allow access to their phones n such, but it's when he moves to his new location that the heart ache will really set-in, because then only handwritten letters, care packages, and scattered phone calls will be our only communication. I've known him before he went into the service, so we established a healthy friendship at first, but then realized after I got dumped from my ex whom I was with for 3 yrs, that we were meant for each other! We have soo much alike, and we try to do everything and anything to make each other happy He's a total sweetheart, and everything you picture in a Gentleman. Holds doors, escorts you respectfully to public places, isn't afraid to kiss you in public, dresses very mature, has a HUGE heart and more Love than i've ever seen in someone. Pays for every meal and occasionally everything you want or need, won't let me pay a dime. And isn't after just sex in a relationship! So have that in your mind about this guy! deserves the BEST so to speak. I made a calendar on my white board of all 10 months that he'll be gone, and each day I cross a day off hoping to get closer. And I created an idea to take a large Mason Jar, lots of Hershey kisses, and each day I take a Hershey kiss out of the bag, give it a Kiss and say," I Love You, and his name." and place it in the jar. So that when the day comes that he comes back home to me, he can see that each n everyday I gave him a kiss and thought of him. Secret is not to tell him, and I can't wait til he sees it. I just miss him soooooooooooooooo much.....most nights I cry myself to sleep wishing I could hold him tight and never let go! Or other nights I won't go to sleep til sunrise, and be depressed the next day. I knew what I was committing to when we began dating and I knew he was being deployed and I had 6 months to make him fall completely inlove with me. Obviously, for some reason he always had a thing for me, just we needed to mature during HS. My family is extremely supportive and frequently ask about his status and mine. I visit his family as often as I can, and try to bond with them as much as I can. Our relationship is very much supported and many have waited for us to started dating which is funny to us lol But any comments and words of wisdom would be Appreciated