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Thread: Homecoming

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    Do any of you do anything special for you S.O. when they come home? I.E. banners, signs, decorating the car etc.
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    I dont decorate the house or anything because I dont want anyone to know that i'm alone for the time being. kind of creeps me out
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    No. It's just not our style. I know a lot of people do this, and there are some clever signs, but it feels very cutesy and high school cheerleader to me, and DH isn't someone who feel comfortable with a lot of attention. I hug him and kiss him and tell him I missed him. That's more than enough, for both of us.
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    I just had a sign that said "I told you I would be here, CPL *name*, and HERE I AM!" I didn't decorate the car or anything, but I am not a fan of doing these things anyway.
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    We usually just meet the plane and that's as fancy as it gets. Dh isn't big into fanfare and we've been doing this too long and too many times to get fancy.
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    I have a banner for our fence. But I don't put it out until the night before.

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    Dh's last deployment was my first (his 3rd I believe) so I being the n00b that I was, went all out. Banners, posters, clear path to the bed (he was tired), lol. I even got a red velvet cake (his favorite) and I think we ate 2 slices of it before it went bad, lol.

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    I made DH a pie His parents brought along a banner from his previous deployment but I didn't make a sign or anything. Mostly because I was too nervous and couldn't decide on anything
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    I stocked the entire fridge with PBR.

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    I'm too private for stuff like that. We haven't had a deployment homecoming but whenever he's come home from long training things I just try to make myself and the house look really nice and make him something he would've missed for dinner, and I incorporate our dog into it somehow because we're both obsessed with him.
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