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Thread: My puppy has heartworms!!

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    My puppy has heartworms!!

    So my puppy Nuke has heartworms and I'm so down because I can't even tell C whats going on. He left for afghan about a 2 1/2 weeks ago maybe 3 (sorry been a crazy day) well I'm just so use to calling him up when something going on and now I have to wait by the phone and wait for him to call just to give him bad news! I guess I'm just looking for someone that is dealing with deployment to talk to!
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    I'm sorry that your pup has heartworms. That must be hard news to get. Have you made a plan with the vet for treatment?

    Hopefully you can talk to your significant other (sorry, I'm not sure if it's a DB or DH) soon!
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    It could be worse.
    Awww. Poor pup. I hope he responds ell and quickly to the treatment!
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    Im so sorry. poor pup.. What is the doc saying about treatment. I hope he gets well soon
    Getting used to the new lifestyle far away from home and leaving my fear behind each day a little more.
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    How old is Nuke? What has the vet said about a treatment plan an prognosis?
    Sidenote - I thought you might have mentioned some things about Nuke in your intro post, but it looks like you haven't posted one yet - pop in to the "newbies" forum and post one so we can all get to know you

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