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Thread: He just knows

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    He just knows

    Sorry for it being a little long, but I had to share.
    Friday I had the WORST day ever at my new job. At the end of the day I ended up in my car crying my eyes out and of course wishing that my SO was back home, or at least was able to get in contact with him. He always seems to know how to make feel better. Half way through the night I started feel ill and had a major headache. Around 6am Saturday I realized I had caught the stomach virus my students have been passing around. All day in and out of consciousness with 101 fever, I felt like CRAP. Some time around 8 at night I finally mustered the strength to stay awake, and that's when out if the blue I got a Skype call from my DB. This shocked me cause I only get these once every Tuesday. He immediately saw that I was sick and did anything and everything he could to make me feel better, while still being thousands of miles apart! He even told me I was beautiful, right after I got sick during the middle of the call (looking far from beautiful). Gosh I love my DB and can not wait until he is finally back home!!
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    I hope you feel better!!
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    Awesome!! The DB part, not the sick part, lol. Feel better!

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